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This Tool System will allow you to have greater control, more enjoyment, and will take the frustration and stress out of hollow form turning. 


Behemoth Woodturning Tools are designed to satisfy the requirements of specialty woodturning that cannot be met using traditional woodturning tools. These tools have been designed with a particular application in mind. The design makes it possible to safely reach beyond normal distances over the tool rest.  Made from high quality steel, the handle is filled with lead bird shot, helping to eliminate the vibration typically experienced while turning deep vesseles.The length and weight gives you the leverage you need to go further past the tool rest while keeping control.

A gouge is being used here



Hollow turning is a specialized application that requires tools capable of entering the vessel, through a narrow opening to remove stock. The WR-2001 Deep Hollowing System  frees the turner to explore hollow turning without the torque, by the use of an offset cutter on a bent shaft. Together with the adjustable side handle, these tools will become a favorite for deep hollowing vessels as well as removing stock from underneath overhanging bowl lips, where bowl scrapers cannot reach.




NEW !!!  1/2" Gouge inserts into the tool handle.


NEW !!!  1/2" Scraper inserts into the tool handle.

This tool system will allow you to have greater control, more enjoyment, and will take the frustration and stress out of hollow form turning.  With just a few minutes practice, your confidence will grow as you quickly adjust to the comfort and security of the Behemoth Hollowing System.One will no longer need to be stressed by the vibration, jarring and catches usually associated with turning hollow forms. The long hours of practice and experience needed to expertly use other hollowing systems will be a thing of the past. Our tool system offers woodturners an economical alternative to similar, more expensive hollow turning tools while maintaining the quality.


Satisfaction Guaranteed!  With our 30 day no hassle return policy, if you aren't 100% satisfied, send your tooling back for a full refund. No questions asked.

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The vase on the left is 25 " tall the one on the right is 17 " tall


NEW!!  Hooker Tool with a rotating cutting tip enables you to reach areas you couldn't before. 


NEW!!  Boring Bar. This tool eats the wood up without getting catches.


WR-2001 With Side Handle



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